Best Deck Railing Designs

You have found the perfect outdoor railing for adorning your home with natural outdoor beauty. Mountain Laurel Handrails are the railing system of choice for homes in the mountains. These railings are all custom made to your measurements. They can be built to fit any conditions, even joined to round logs with intricate joinery and used as a stair railing outdoors. Since each project is made to order, you can choose the lumber species for the boards. The default choice is Western Red Cedar, but other popular choices include: Ipe, Yellow Pine, Oak, White Pine, and even composite lumber. All sticks are of mountain laurel, a tree that grows in the mountains from Georgia to Maine.</p>

<p>Only the most skilled of carpenters are able to create such wondrous beauty from these sticks and branches which far surpasses aluminum railing products. It requires a tremendous spatial depth perception to figure out how to assemble the sticks into artistic, eye pleasing shapes. Mountain Laurel Handrails can be used outdoors as a patio railing. They are a natural fit for a log cabin or timber frame home. And their rustic character adds a certain style to homes that choose to display the jewelry that is these railings. They are perfectly at home in an outdoor setting where they disappear into the surrounding natural beauty. There is really no other railing product that compares!</p>


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