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Deck Railing Design Video

Here is a cool video with an interesting deck railing design. The video shows a bunch of different decks and the railing design so it’s nice to see how different each one can look. Each home also has its own unique personal decorating style and the homeowners will also have something different in the mind for the home so break from the ordinary with a new design.

Best Deck Railing Designs

You have found the perfect outdoor railing for adorning your home with natural outdoor beauty. Mountain Laurel Handrails are the railing system of choice for homes in the mountains. These railings are all custom made to your measurements. They can be built to fit any conditions, even joined to round logs with intricate joinery and used as a stair railing outdoors. Since each project is made to order, you can choose the lumber species for the boards. The default choice is Western Red Cedar, but other popular choices include: Ipe, Yellow Pine, Oak, White Pine, and even composite lumber. All sticks are of mountain laurel, a tree that grows in the mountains from Georgia to Maine.</p>

<p>Only the most skilled of carpenters are able to create such wondrous beauty from these sticks and branches which far surpasses aluminum railing products. It requires a tremendous spatial depth perception to figure out how to assemble the sticks into artistic, eye pleasing shapes. Mountain Laurel Handrails can be used outdoors as a patio railing. They are a natural fit for a log cabin or timber frame home. And their rustic character adds a certain style to homes that choose to display the jewelry that is these railings. They are perfectly at home in an outdoor setting where they disappear into the surrounding natural beauty. There is really no other railing product that compares!</p>


Outdoor Deck Railing Design

Outdoor Deck Railing Design

Outdoor Deck Railing Design

This picture shows how well these Mountain Laurel Handrails can blend into any scenery and can add a beautiful touch to any outdoor deck railing design which makes them perfect for any of your own deck railing designs. With its beautiful wood and mountain laurel, this deck blends in with the forest around it. These handrails are beautiful for any deck design: forest, beach, modern, you name it. Contact us now to get started with your project today and enjoy a free estimate!

Railing Design and Door

This interesting picture caught my eye as being both of a work of art and a rugged metal railing. The picture just serves as a reminder that architects will always be coming up with new and innovative deck railing designs along with all other forms of handrails.

Metal Railing Design

This railing takes a different approach in joining two sections together. It has a knob that looks different from traditional handrails and gives the railing a structural elegance without losing its artistic flare.

Deck Railing Designs

Deck Railing Design

Deck Railing Design

There are so many different deck railing designs¬†to choose from that it can be hard to make a decision. It’s important to start the design process early and gather all kinds of information on what kind of decor and design you will want in your home. Picking your handrail design will be an important part of the project to make sure to impress neighbors and those that look at your house. A stunning deck railing design will WOW your neighbors and add to your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Metal railing is an interesting choice depending on a home’s architecture. Architectural style will determine so many factors and working together with a design professional is sure to produce the kind of results that you are looking for. Stainless steel cable railings are generally made with braided stainless steel wires that are fastened to wood posts. There are special connectors and tools involved in this installation. Metal cable rails are a good choice for modern architecture that emphasizes concrete and glass in the structure and aesthetic of a home or building.

stair railing design

Stair Railing Design

Glass balusters are a good choice when you want to eliminate the distinction between the deck and the surrounding area. This deck railing design, along with solid glass panels, is a good choice when you want to emphasize the view from the deck and interfere with it as minimally as possible. Full height and width glass panels can also be nice in a mountain home to shield guests on the deck from some of the harsher elements.

Wood railing designs range from common and everyday to creative and extraordinary. Skilled carpenters can create masterpieces in wood that are memorable to all those who view them. Woodwork is a form of expression that is really a visual art. Although wood is common and can be lackluster, in the hands of a professional carpenter wood can be transformed into glowing artwork.

outdoor railing

Here is a beautiful shot of an outdoor deck railing designs. I’m not sure where it is but it seems to be high in a tower looking back down towards the earth. I really like the geometric nature of this composition especially the way that the sun casts the shadow of the pattern of the railing grid on the textured metal walkway. It’s really a beautiful piece!

Timber Frame Deck Railing

Here’s a pic of a recently installed Deck Railing on a timber frame porch.
mountain laurel handrails are like the lace on a wedding gown.
They give this deck a super special look and are the “WOW” factor!


deck railing on man caves


I’m excited to share that I was in the NYC area recently filming for an episode of Man Caves.
We had a great time filming with the crew and put up some great work.
This is the first exterior Man Cave and it has an awesome deck railing!

timber frame deck railing



This picture is of a house in Washington state with mountain laurel handrails installed. The cedar boards are stained the same color as the cedar siding for a flawless exterior. The handrails on this timber frame porch traveled from the Smoky Mountains and really set this home apart.

rustic deck railing


This picture is taken near Winston-Salem, NC at a new development: The Lake at Lissara. Inspired by the designs of Bob Timberlake, the lodge is available for all residents and has a great view looking over the lake. The rustic deck railing is the perfect touch!