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outdoor railings

I love this picture of outdoor railings and it’s a nice picture for outdoor patio design inspiration. It has an old world appeal of nostalgia and decay. Alright, so I know that might not be the most appealing thing, there is a certain mood that is created by the dilapidated building, broken handrail, water and ships at port. The black and white photography adds to the emotional impact of this outdoor railing.

Log Cabin Railing Design


This is a picture from the latest deck railing project. This log cabin railing design was built on a log cabin in the mountains of Western North Carolina. There is really no other look as unique as a mountain laurel handrail!

Wood Railing in Remodeling Magazine

check out this article in Remodeling magazine about mountain laurel handrail. This unique craft can be installed as a deck railing or stairs railing, inside or out.


painted branch railing

A while back, I posted pictures of a deck railing installed at The Summer House. These new pictures show the finished product after the painters came through. You can check out all the pictures of this painted branch railing.