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Wood Banisters

This is a cool picture of wood banisters that looks wavy and not straight like every other stair railing that you see. This banister follows the steps, so for each step up, the railing moves up. The angle and flat portions give it a sense of movement, depth and motion unlike any other that you’ve seen.

Stainless steel banister

This is an interior banister for a stair railing design going down to the basement in a residence but this stainless steel banister would also work really well outside. The special part of this banister is what you don’t see; this architect from Dallas designed the mounting bracket for the banister under the sheetrock so that it is hidden. This gives this banister a nice clean line and a modern aesthetic.

stairs railing

This is a great picture of a stairs railing made with yellow pine boards and mountain laurel branches. This was installed in a cabin in the north Georgia mountains. The railing is the very first thing that you see when you walk in the home and it makes a fantastic first impression!


stairs railing remodel

take a look at this stairs railing remodel. You know that this railing is the most talked about thing in this room. It really perks up this space and adds immensely to the visual appeal.



wet railing

check out this railing picture. it’s amazing how many cool visuals are captured daily. now that everyone has a digital camera, photo sharing is really amazing. check out these cool pictures of deck railing

yellow pine railing

check out the yellow pine railing from the most recent installation. The wood railing crew did a great job installing this project. From working with the on-site finish carpenter to getting the sections up against the ceiling to contour with the curve of the tongue and groove pine boards, the level of attention to detail throughout this project was the exact same that will be given to your project.